Why Choose Pilgrim’s Environmental Solutions Division

3 Reasons To Make Progress With Pilgrim


Our division works with the customer at every level of their job to provide practical solutions for environmental challenges in both the renewable and traditional energy sectors and municipal settings. We work from the ground up — literally, as soil scientists — to help our customers handle stormwater issues, meet reclamation goals, increase carbon sequestration, establish pollinator habitatsrevegetation of native species, and so much more. In addition to actively collaborating on projectasset, and construction management, our team also offers all the benefits of expert testimonycompliance and permitting assistance, and carbon offset consulting in one place.

At the same time, our team constantly scans the horizon of environmental advancements to keep ourselves and our customers ahead of the climate curve. As we identify new areas of scientific impact to explore, we promise to always bring that value to our customers and their work. We offer more than just a list of services — we offer possibility. 


Reclamation and revegetation are vital processes to maintain a strong national energy infrastructure, and environmental stewardship is a core aspect of the ESG standards we help our customers meet — but our work is more than just completing a project. Environmental solutions, especially large scale restoration efforts, allow our division to pursue sustainability goals that align directly with our values. When we assist our customers in restoring unique ecosystems, improving water quality, sequestering greenhouse gases, or providing habitats for wildlife, we aren’t just doing a job — we’re investing in a better future


Pilgrim’s Environmental Solutions Division is driven by science and decades of practical experience. Our scientists are subject matter experts in soil resources and have used this expertise to solve some of the most difficult environmental challenges all over the country.  Our success is propelled by expertise in those project’s ecosystems, which includes soil, vegetation, hydrology, and land use resources. The team uses their experience in soil management alongside cutting-edge scientific techniques to establish site-specific restoration and maintenance plans for expedited vegetation efforts. Similarly, this approach has proven to be successful when managing stormwater issues, establishing pollinator habitat, and increasing surface coverage of native species. Whether it’s identifying appropriate vegetative species in arid environments or establishing successful pollinator habitat in solar arrays, our team can help you achieve your environmental goals quickly and efficiently.

Renewable Energy Civil Construction

For Wind Farms

  • Site Clearing and Grading
  • Access Road and Turbine Access Road Installation
  • Fencing and Gate Installation
  • Crane Paths and Crane Pad Installation
  • Laydown, Substation and Batch Plant Yard Installation
  • Turbine Erection Area Installation
  • Turbine Foundation Excavation, Pouring, and Forming

For Solar Farms

  • Site Clearing and Grading
  • Access Road and Inverter Pad Access Road Installation
  • Fencing and Gate Installation
  • Laydown and Substantiation Yard Installation
  • Inverter Pad and Support System Installation/Drilling and Pile-driving

Renewable Energy Systems Cabling

For Wind and Solar Farms 

  • Collection-cable Trenching Installation 
  • Collection-cable Backfilling
  • Fiber Optics Installation 
  • Junction Box Installation

Large Diameter Water Lines

  • Piping Installation
  • Piping Replacement
  • Pumping Station Construction
  • Meter Station Construction
  • Facility Maintenance


For All Energy Spectrum Projects, Services Include But Are Not Limited To: 

  • Custom Seed Mix Production 
  • Seeding Services
  • Erosion-control Device Installation/Silt Fence Installation
  • Integrated Revegetation Processes
  • Pollinator and Native Flora Establishment 
  • Carbon Sequestration 
  • Soil Quality Monitoring 
  • Slip Mitigation and Restoration

Aaron DeJoia

Aaron is Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS) and Agronomist whose areas of expertise range from natural gas-produced water management to salinity transport and remediation to reclamation and revegetation of disturbed land. Within the energy sector, he possesses specific experience that ranges from permitting and expert witness assistance to environmental management planning for facility construction. His sixteen years of environmental consulting translate into constructible, practical solutions for a full spectrum of technical or compliance-based issues, from ESG standing to carbon questions.